Computer/Digital Forensics


Staff Investigations maintains a full-service forensics division with a state of the art lab specializing in evidence recovery and forensic investigations of computers, mobile devices, tablets and cloud storage issues.  Our analysts provide consultation, digital forensic analysis, civil and criminal litigation support and expert witness services to attorneys, insurance carriers and the business community.  Our forensics teams have extensive experience testifying as to chain of evidence and related forensics procedural issues as well as the capability to convert complex technical findings into formats easily grasped by mediators, arbitrators, judges and juries.  These capabilities are critical to the successful utilization of recovered intelligence. In addition, we have worked extensively with Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies in the forensics fields.

Over the years, Staff Investigations forensic technicians have worked hundreds of forensic identification and recovery matters involving asset theft, intellectual and proprietary information theft, insurance fraud, work place harassment, defense of spoliation of evidence allegations, improper use of employer Internet access, counterfeit emailing, and a host of additional issues in both civil and criminal fields.

Specifically with regard to mobile devices, we specialize in cell phone forensics which consists of the extraction of SMS and text messages, phone book and contact data, photos, videos, incoming and outgoing telephone calls and data recovery from a wide variety of cell phone models.