Surveillance/Activities Checks

Activities Check
Staff Investigations provides two forms of activities checks. The first is used to determine the status of a claimant’s health in cases where the claimant alleges he or she can no longer work and is receiving worker’s compensation benefits. The firm’s investigators visit the claimant at their home at intervals deemed necessary by the client, typically every six months to a year to confirm that the subject’s status has not changed.

The second form of activities check functions as a preliminary investigative tactic prior to undertaking recorded video surveillance. Providing a discreet pre-surveillance and activities check on a claimant assists in determining the claimant’s employment status and mobility. This form of activities check serves to provide the client with preliminary information as to what will be involved in the surveillance as well as to provide us with the opportunity to give the client an accurate budget based upon a reconnaissance of the target area.

Video Surveillance
Staff Investigations conducts surveillance with the utmost caution and professionalism. Offering complete covert surveillance by experienced, trial seasoned investigators, the firm is well versed in all procedures governing rules of evidence and privacy. We have completed over one-thousand video surveillances for numerous insurance companies and law firms without a single negative occurrence.

All surveillance reports include video footage and still photos derived from the video which will be supplied to the client electronically in a secure environment or in disc format. In addition, detailed reports are provided, maintaining a daily log of the investigator’s activities and the activities of the subject.